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The Organization

This website and all of its contents have been produced by on and are the property of Natural History Expeditions Sdn Bhd ("Natural History Expeditions"), registered in Malaysia under Company Registration No. 681618T with its registered office at PO Box 76, Kuah Post Office, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia. The Malaysia Wildlands Project logo and its corporate identifiers remain the property of Natural History Expeditions and may only be used under licence.


Natural History Expeditions is committed to retaining the confidentiality of its customers and will not pass personal data on to any third party. However, where we have websites that are co-branded with a partner organisation we may in some circumstances be required to share information on the identity of parties making a purchase with the partner organisation. If this is the case, you will be asked separately whether you wish to receive further communications from that partner.

More Info

For more information regarding our policy and terms of use, contact us here.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Emission Calculations

Natural History Expeditions takes its best endeavours to base its emissions calculations on the most up to date emissions factors published by reputable sources.

These emissions factors can and do change over time. If new information is published, Natural History Expeditions will not assume a responsibility to alter its emissions reductions liability for calculations that it has done in the past.

Carbon Offset Sales and Contribution

Natural History Expeditions takes no responsibility for any errors and omissions made by Purchasers when entering their data into the Natural History Expeditions web calculators.

When a Purchaser makes a payment to offset his CO2 emissions Natural History Expeditions will add the CO2 emissions to its liabilities and will fund tree-planting projects at suitable sites around private or public lands to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations over time.

The tree-planting activity can be done with the Purchaser's presence or on the purchaser's behalf. A percentage of the Purchaser's contribution will be channelled for purchase of marginal land along critical wildlife habitats.

The Purchaser will receive a certificate to demonstrate that the emissions are being offset. The Purchaser will not receive title to the emissions reductions achieved by any of Natural History Expeditions' emission reduction projects. Natural History Expeditions undertakes not to sell any emissions reduction to more than one party.

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