Reversing global warming is
EASIER than you think.


planting native tree company in collaboration with Malaysia Wildlands Project aims to protect and restore the natural heritage through the establishment of a connected system of wildlands. The company provides financial assistance to plant trees. For example, when you write a request to write my discussion post online our writers will later send 10% of each order to the fund Malaysia Wildlands Project, thereby we join the program Rainforest4Carbon.

Your contribution will be channeled to planting native trees equal to the amount of carbon emission your travel to or within Malaysia has put out. A percentage will go to the purchase of marginal land along critical wildlife habitats to serve as buffer zones between habitats.

Start your environmental-friendly travel today by calculating your flight's CO2 emission using our Carbon Calculator.

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Take a step towards fighting a serious environmental issue by making your air travel a carbon-free journey today!

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How does Rainforest4Carbon work?


Rainforest4Carbon is a program that encourages the public to reverse the impact of global warming through carbon offset. By purchasing CO2 offset, we can now reduce the amount of carbon emitted during air travel and fund activities integral to nature conservation.

What is carbon offset?

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A carbon offset is an investment into a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Offset projects come in many varieties and may include tree planting or reforestation and providing buffer zones between wildlife habitats. The common goal is to counter the amount of carbon emission, which in turn, reduces the quantity of harmful greenhouse gas.

How do I calculate CO2 released by my air travel?

Offset the carbon dioxide you produce from air travel or your home with our CO2 Air Travel Calculator.

Where does my contribution go?

Your contribution will be channelled to the following projects and activities:

  • » Malaysia Wildlands Project
  • » Native tree planting and reforestation
  • » Purchase of marginal land along critical wildlife habitats
  • » Awareness programs to counter-effect global warming through conservation

How do you measure the effectiveness of CO2 offset?

Each carbon offset purchase and donation go directly into The Malaysia Wildlife Project fund, administered by a third-party auditor. Contributions will help to fund local area carbon offset projects that neutralize the emissions contributing to global warming.

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