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We offer a cool initiative for students and not only. By buying an essay or any other type of paper from the 123helpme company on website, you are taking part in this initiative. From each of your orders, the company transfers funds for planting trees.

Trees are very important to us. Trees shade and cool our homes, bring songbirds close by, mark the seasons. Kids can climb them or build a tree house in their branches. But equally important trees conserve energy, reduce soil erosion, clean the air we breath, help protect rivers and streams. If trees are to provide all these we need to care for the trees we have and to plant more.

Purchase Your Very Own Tree Today!

For $20 per tree, a certificate is mailed to you. You can plant trees for special occasions like: Birth, graduation, wedding, birthday, get well wish, festival or in memory of somebody special and a beautiful certificate is mailed to the recipient with your own personal message.

You can purchase 1 or more trees at $20 each and we will plant them for you at our project site.

When a believer plants a tree from which man, beast and birds derive benefit it would be considered as an act of everlasting charity. [sayings of the Prophet Muhammad saw]

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