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Langkawi Wildlands Initiative Projects


Landscaping for birdlife at Kuah town and its suburbs


Jalan Kelibang to Kuah Jetty terminal, its secondary feeder roads and its housing suburbs.


To create a green belt along Kuah town and its surrounding housing suburbs.


These plants are described in many company research where many students buy term papers online, it is web. Different birds require specific plants for its diet. So to a certain extent, we can even attract specific species of birds, in particular, the more colorful and most interesting ones.


For people, the green belt improves / enhances:

  • » tranquillity and contact with nature;
  • » micro climate by temperature reduction;
  • » greater local use of bicycles and pedestrian;
  • » traffic - noise reduction along urban areas;
  • » increase eco tourism image and appeal of Langkawi;
  • » scenic views;
  • » added value to property along the green belt;
  • » eco-tourism appeal of the island;
  • » a sense of belonging for the residents and township community;
  • » quality of life.

For wildlife, the green belt improves / enhances:

  • » biodiversity;
  • » habitat quality and extent;
  • » sources of food and shelter;
  • » breeding grounds;
  • » migration and movement;
  • » in birdlife and bat life population will see a corresponding decrease in mosquito and rice pest insect population;


Plants and trees that provide food and shelter for birds as well as shade, shelter and beauty for people. Pondoks and seating areas at certain areas especially in around housing areas and parks. Provide information on birds and its food plants. Information on man made structures and heritage and cultural sites.

Phase I

  •   Cleanup and planting works along the main township especially along main road and feeder roads. Special attention will be given to empty land space and private owned land not in used with participation of land owners. Historical sites of importance and scenic areas to be given due recognition and attention. Allocate certain areas as bird sanctuary. Streams and rivers should retain its natural flow and landscaped with public walk ways and cycle ways rest areas and jogging paths.

Phase II

  •   Housing suburbs are to be cleaned up and planted with suitable plants and trees. Seating areas and pondoks should be provided in scenic sites and playground. There should be planed cycling areas, walking areas and jogging paths with rest areas along green belt.


A committee of local residents, stakeholders and local authorities must be set up. This committee could be called "Kuah Community Action Committee".

The group will be responsible for:

  • » Incorporating public participation and consultation in the early stages and in subsequent reviews at regular intervals
  • » Accommodating public planting days in the green belts
  • » Incorporating post construction evaluation by users and the local community
  • » Encouraging monitoring and control of use by local residents
  • » Accommodating sponsorship and/or adoption of green belt segments
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